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OF SOUND MIND auditions and casting. In person auditions at will be held at the Pulse at 7:00 pm on Monday, June 21 and Tuesday, June 22, 2021. Those who are vaccinated do not have to wear masks. Those who have not been vaccinated must wear a mask.  We will accept online auditions. 
Click on the link below to download the 3 sides for auditions.
For online auditions, please send a recording of any of the 3 sides to pulseoperahouse@citznet.com.
We are looking for three different groups of actors/readers for this project.
* The first group will portray specific characters who are central to the plot. None of them are in every episode.
* Group two will be a company of actors who will meet weekly and film on weekends. They will take on a number of characters.
Hoping for a fairly large company so that if someone is on vacation or needs a weekend off, we have others who can fill in.
* Group three will be “special guests” or people who come in for one or two episodes. Looking for people from the community who are not generally in shows. Doctors to portray doctors. Ministers to portray ministers. You get the idea.
The plan is to have a table read once during the week. Over the weekend we will block onstage, get into costume & makeup and film. Episodes will have two weeks for editing and then air. One episode per week. Since we are learning as we do this, this might change.
Would really like to have actors from other theatres join us as special guests or part of the company. Since most of us have been out of business (or working under unusual conditions) for over a year, this could be a way to bring attention to the area community theatres. We will add a graphic at the end of the episode telling what theatre you are from and what is going on at your theatre. If you are from a distance, you can skip the table read or we can work out an online option.
Because this is historic material and the pace which we will be working, the material will be read. You must be very familiar with the material and may memorize if you’d like, but we will be using scripts.


**Due to the latest guidelines from the CDC and the Indiana Department of Health concerning the Corona Virus epidemic, the Pulse Opera House has closed temporarily**

Once this isolation is over and we can safely be together again, the Pulse will make every attempt to get back to normal and start shows again.  IN ORDER TO DO SO, the Pulse needs some financial support.  We are a Non-Profit Organization and being closed means NO INCOME to pay bills that never stop like insurance & utilities (We can’t turn off the heat – pipes freeze).

The Pulse is partially funded thru tickets sales, but mostly by individual contributions and we URGENTLY  NEED YOUR HELP!
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