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September 2006
See How They Run PDF Print E-mail

Opens September 8

 The race is on....for tickets to See How They Run ! Make your reservations now. You won't want to miss one minute of this fast paced British farce which is an all-time favorite with audiences around the world.

At the Merton-cum-Middlewick vicarage chaos is about to ensue. A former American actress married to an English vicar meets up with an old colleague. Add in her uncle the bishop, another vicar, an escaped prisoner, a ditsy maid, a busybody parishioner and a local constable and you have a formula for madness and mayhem. This hysterical comedy is filled with mistaken identities, curious plot twists and quirky characters.

So, run - don't walk - to get tickets for this laugh-a-minute treat. You wouldn't want to get left behind!

Auditions PDF Print E-mail

Auditions for A Christmas Carol are on Monday, Sept. 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the theatre. Roles are available for 5 men, 3 women, 1 boy and 1 girl. Those auditioning should come prepared to read.

Oh Christmas Tree PDF Print E-mail
Do you have a Christmas tree you'd like to share with the Pulse? We are looking for trees for our second annual Festival of Trees in the Pulse lobby. Last year we had trees decorated by local artists, businesses and organizations. We are looking for others who would like to share their talents. The trees will be set up in the lobby the week before Thanksgiving (November 20-22). They will remain up through the run of "A Christmas Carol ." Take down will be on December 11 &? 12. The trees are the property of the individual or organization. If you’re interested, drop a line to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at (260) 375-7017. We’d love to have you help us light up the holidays!
Suggest a Play PDF Print E-mail
Is there a show you'd like to see at the Pulse? Let us know! Planning is going on right now for the 2007 season. Send your suggestions to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Thanks to Gib Young PDF Print E-mail
Many thanks to State Farm Insurance Agent (and Pulse Player!) Gib Young for including a photo of the Pulse Opera House on his new billboard.
Playwright's Project PDF Print E-mail

penThe Pulse Playwrights need you! Since January, Denise Buhr, Chris Hoover, Kayleen Reusser, Darren Turney, Steve Weber and Katey Wilks have been working on new scripts. They met monthly to discuss and fine tune their work and now they are ready to share it with you!

All six writers have completed drafts of their original scripts and we need your input. The plays will be read by Pulse actors on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30. Following the readings, audience members will get a chance to respond to the plays. In the past, the discussions have been lively and are a great help to the playwrights!

Artisan Fest! PDF Print E-mail

September 8 & 9

If you are planning to attend See How They Run on the first weekend, why not come early and take in the many attractions at the Warren Artisan's Fest? Events include an artist & crafters market, juried art show, quilt show, live bands & Entertainment, street performers and an antiques appraisal. For the whole schedule, check out their website at . While you're in Warren, you might want to stop by the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning from 8:00 a.m.-noon. Fresh produce, baked goods and meats are among the many goods available. The Farmer's Market is located on 218 in the parking lot of the former BMV office.

Wal-Mart Opening PDF Print E-mail
Watch for your favorite Pulse Players at the opening of the new Wal-Mart Supercenter in Huntington on September 20 - 24. We'll be there passing out fliers and joining in the celebration. Wal-Mart has been generous to the Pulse and asked us to join the opening festivities. Thanks to John Myers for his efforts on behalf of the Pulse.
Players Notes PDF Print E-mail

notesBen Wedler just finished a three week run of Seussical at Fort Wayne's Civic Theatre where he played Horton the Elephant. He said it was a wonderful experience especially since he’d never tackled such a leading role as Horton the Elephant before.

Kerry, Lee Ann and Thad Arnold, appeared in Fiddler on the Roof at Myers Dinner Theatre in Hillsboro, IN. Lee Ann played "Shaindel", Motel the tailor's mother. Kerry played Lazar Wolf, the butcher, and Thad played a little boy that the matchmaker tries to set up at the end, but he still insists he's Anatevka's only firefighter, Todd (?). Lllli didn't make this one, but she's been a trooper at some late-night rehearsals. Lee Ann also did some of the choreography.

Ellen Campbell's son Nathaniel Kohlmeier completed three weeks of theatre camp at the Bloomington Playwrights Project . They did three original plays written, staged and performed by children ages 9-12. He performed in two of the plays, which were well-attended and well-received. He enjoyed camp VERY much! Ellen's brother Gowan Campbell is playing off-Broadway in Much Ado About Nothing.

Katey Wilks' position as Executive Director position at the Fort Wayne Children's Choir was increased to full time. Congratulations Katey!

Stephen Willard is starting his second year in the Fort Wayne Children's Choir . He's in the Treble Choir.

Linda and Jonathan Willard will have an ongoing part in a" new Wednesday evening program at their church. Jonathan will be playing Tyler a film buff and "geek". Linda is playing Mrs. Finkelhoffer and is looking forward to the opportunity to do "shows" with Jonathan.

Steve & Amanda Weber have a new addition to their family! Piper Jolene Weber was born on August 20 at 11:48 a.m. Congratulations! 


Jim Eber, the oldest Pirate in Pirates Of Penzance, passed away on August 4. Jim recently donated over 300 play scripts to the Pulse Opera House library. Thanks for the memories, Jim.

A FAIRY TALE... PDF Print E-mail

The Story Continues...
By Ron Wartzok

This is the continued story from our last newsletters, a fairy tale story about the "second life" of the Pulse Opera House in Warren. First constructed by Civil War Captain Silas Pulse in 1884, closed in the 1920’s, the restoration of the theatre started in 1986 after laying empty and dormant for over 50 years. This year, the theatre is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the inception of the restoration and ongoing dream of the restoration founder and Artistic Director, Cynthia Smyth-Wartzok.

The Grand Re-Opening of the Pulse Opera House was part of Cynthia's vision. Every year, the town of Warren has a summer festival over the 4th of July weekend. After years of research, months of planning and reconstruction, weeks of scraping walls, building seating risers, cleaning off years of bubble gum from the seats purchased from the old Muncie movie theatre, painting and cleaning; the theatre was set to reopen. The opening festivities involved live entertainment, singing and a few novelty acts similar to the vaudeville acts of the late 1800's. The acts were presented throughout the day during the festival.

Along with the live local entertainment, Cynthia located and paid for an animal act to appear at the theatre. In the late 1800's and around the early 1900's, vaudeville animal acts were quite popular. In attempts to recreate the early days of the Opera House, the reopening of the theatre presented a "trained" pig and miniature horse animal act. The acts were entertaining mostly for the kids in the audience, but after the act, the "trained" pig and horse refused to go down the stairway to exit the theatre. Before they appeared, coming up the stairs was easy for the animals. Going back down was not. The unusual excitement of the day was three guys pulling & tugging on the front and two men pushing & shoving on the rear of the pig and the horse in attempts to get them downstairs and out of the theatre. Needless to say, animal acts were no longer a part of the normal entertainment in the theatre in the years to come.

Cynthia's dream of reopening the Pulse Opera House was achieved and the Pulse was on its way with start of new chapter in its long history. The early years of the "second life" of the Pulse Opera House were very lean years. Even to this day, the theatre has very limited funds and a budget much less than many other community theatres; but in the early years of the 1980's, funds for productions were limited to absolutely no budget. Any expenses incurred came out of Cynthia's, her parents, and/or my own pocket. Our first production in the theatre was very amateur indeed with cardboard set walls and very simplistic shows. Looking back through the years of productions, year by year, the theatre has continued to grow and improve with higher & higher quality shows and events. Over the past SO years, the theatre has grown in quality to a state recognized and an internationally recognized theatrical organization which represented the United States in two theatre festivals in Germany.

Our next newsletter, just before we open "A Christmas Carol " will be my last episode in the life of the Pulse Opera House, but all the episodes, and even a few more articles will soon appear on the Pulse Opera House .

Kathy Stieglitz Rinearson PDF Print E-mail

Featured Artist for "See How They Run"

Kathy Stieglitz Rinearson was born on November 4, 1952. Another notable event occurred that day, also. Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected President of the United States. Kathy's mother went to the polling booth to vote and then onto the hospital to give birth to Kathy.

Her devoted parents and family nurtured Kathy’s childhood creativity. One creative venture Kathy had at the tender age of 5 was to paint the side of the neighbor's barn. It was a shame the neighbor did not appreciate the black abstract painting on his gray barn. Watch out world, this was just Kathy’s prelude to coming attractions.

Her creativity skyrocketed in her high school years. When Kathy was 16, Kathy won Best of Show at the Nappanee Art Festival with her portraiture of an old Vietnamese man. Kathy went on to win other local shows sponsored by local colleges and organizations. Kathy credits her high school art teacher for nurturing her abilities at this level and keeping her nose to the creative grindstone.

Kathy married Don Rinearson her junior year of college. She holds a B.S. in Arts and Crafts from Manchester College and a M.S. in art education from the University of St. Francis. Kathy has taught elementary art for 30 years, first for Wabash City Schools and currently with Manchester Community Schools. She and Don have two children, Abigail and Rudln. They too, are exceptional adults. Abigail, graduated from Purdue University with honors, is the Human Resource Director for a large department store. She is married and the mother of two delightful children. Rudin who is still in college, writes and composes music and plays in a band of local musicians.

Kathy continues to teach elementary art for Manchester Community Schools. Kathy has authored many elementary art curriculums for MCS and Wabash County Visual and Performing Arts Co-op. She has been recognized in Marquis' Book of Who's Who In American Education. Her biography was published in the 1995 printing of that book. Kathy belongs to many professional organizations. She also has authored a column about arts and crafts quarterly for Real Woman Magazine. She and Don have lived in the rural community of North Manchester for over 30 years.

Kathy continues to paint. She loves to work with watercolors and with oils. She has shown many pieces of work in local shows, garnering many award and ribbons. One of her latest awards was for Best of Show and Purchase Award from Heartland Artists Gallery, Plymouth, IN. Kathy's artwork hangs in private collections in New Hampshire, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Texas.

Kathy was named Permanent Artist in Residence for the South Padre Island Convention Centre. Her work adorns the walls of one of the conference rooms at the Centre. Her signature watercolor and ink pieces that feature white outlining in the composition and fanciful borders that frame the main composition continue to amaze her collectors and viewers. Kathy's oils also are known for their simplistic subject matter and vibrant use of colors. Kathy's favorite subjects in her compositions are sea turtles, brown pelicans and local and tropical flowers. Kathy plans to move her studio to South Padre Island when she and her husband Don retire.

You can see Kathy's work in the lobby of the Pulse Opera House during the production of "See How They Run."

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